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Formative Assessment and Development Portal

Enrich the faculty-resident relationship to optimize competency assessment:

Enable preceptors and residents to discuss performance with just-in-time access to qualitative data from prior observations integrated with resident goals and CCC milestone ratings.

Enable Clinical Competency Committees to summarize resident performance across competencies, milestones, clinical settings, life-cycle stages, encounter types and date ranges.

Implement the New Accredidation System effectively, without resorting to manual data entry, transcription and error correction.

Next Accreditation System

The Next Accreditation System is designed to help each resident become a competent physician using focused, regular (formative) assessment and feedback. A synthesis of formative assessments allows the Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) to make accurate and useful summative decisions. MedFAD enables this system as well as promote faculty development and cultural change.

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